During the last full week of August, Calgary Killarney is offering a week long training camp! The camps are designed for both new swimmers interested in trying out our sport AND returning swimmers looking to get back into the water in advance of the season.


Date: August 22-26, 2022

Location: Seton Brookfield Y

4995 Market St SE



• National Stream (anyone registered to try out for National Stream 13-15 or Junior in September 2022) 8AM-3PM

• 13-15 and 16-20 Provincial Stream – 9AM-4PM

• 11-12 and Novice – 9AM-4PM

• U10 – 9AM-3PM *Childcare is available before and after camp

**Please note that swimmers must be comfortable in deep water and able to swim one lap of the pool without assistance in order to participate. No artistic swimming experience is required.


• Campers cannot attend with any cold or flu like symptoms. Killarney will be following the latest covid protocols at the time of our camp. Due to the ever-changing circumstances surrounding covid we will send an update closer to the camp start date on any specific information.


• All athletes in our 13-15, 16-20 or Junior camps should meet on deck each morning ready to swim at the camp start time. Swimmers will be jumping in the water at the camp start time so please arrive on deck around 7:50AM.

• Parents of U10’s and 11-12’s must exit their vehicles and check their athletes in with our coaches. Check in will be at 8:40AM each morning for these age groups near the daycare slide on the west side of the building. There is generally street and short-term parking available in that area for easy drop off – you should be looking along 45th Street. U10’s will be heading downstairs with a coach at 8:50AM each morning. 11-12’s will do this on the first morning and after the first day are able to check in and then head down to the pool deck on their own. If the weather is rainy, we will wait just inside the door area nearest to the slide.

• Athletes who are participating in childcare will meet at this area too. Please bring a quiet activity to do while you wait. If the weather is nice we will be staying outside. If the weather is rainy we will meet by the security desk

• Athletes that arrive late for check in will need their parents to walk them down to the pool deck to sign in. PICK


• U10 and 11-12 athletes will be walked to the drop off location and must be picked up by a parent or guardian. They can also be released with an older sibling. A coach will wait until all athletes are picked up. Please note that any athletes not picked up promptly will be charged a childcare fee.

• Athletes in the 13-15 and older categories will be dismissed from their last dryland session. You can choose a meet up location for your athlete or meet them by the security desk each day. No supervision will be provided after the last dryland session each day. WHAT TO BRING/WEAR • Come ready to swim. Wear your bathing suit under your dryland clothes so you are ready to get in the pool right away each morning. Full piece swimsuits are recommended.

• Towel and clothes to keep warm during pool breaks, a large hoodie is nice

• Goggles

• Swim Cap

• Noseclip (if you are new and don’t have one then we can lend you one)

• U10 athletes can wear shorty wetsuits if preferred

• All swim items are available for purchase at Team Aquatic Supplies - https://team-aquatic.com/. They have an store location East of Chinook Centre and are experts in working with aquatic sports

• Yoga Mat to use for our outside dryland sessions and yoga inside sessions

• Full Water bottle

• Snacks and a Lunch

• Clothing to wear for dryland sessions. Leggings or bike shorts and a t-shirt or tank. Clean running shoes. Clothing should be tight fitting so that coaches can see body alignment for sessions like flexibility and dance

• Hat and sunscreen for outdoor sessions, we will also be eating lunch outside if the weather is nice

• Hair will need to be tied back for dryland sessions


• Pool time in the morning with breaks throughout. We will do some stroke improvement, learn artistic swimming skills and have some fun too!

• One hour supervised lunch break (Athletes will not have time to purchase any food). Athletes will have 1 hour to get changed and eat lunch each day. We plan to eat outside as often as possible.

• Various dryland sessions in the afternoon

• Mini watershow on Friday at 11AM where athletes perform for each other

• Competitive athletes will build skills throughout the week they will need heading into the September season

• Special fun events throughout the week


• We are tentatively planning to offer bussing this year which will depart from Market Mall and head to Seton each morning and then return to Market Mall at the end of each day. Bussing is not available for National Stream swimmers.

• We need enough swimmers to be interested in the bus in order for the bus to run. We will let you know by mid June if we are able to offer bussing and bussing fees will apply at that time

• Please note that camp fees are not refundable in the case that we do not have enough swimmers to ride the bus

• We do plan to have a coach ride the bus with the athletes in both directions to provide supervision. The coach will remain with the bus until all swimmers are picked up.

• Bus will depart Market Mall at 8:00AM and return around 4:40PM. Parents should be waiting for the bus to arrive or an additional childcare fee may apply


• We want the participants to enjoy their day together. Phones, if athletes choose to bring them, should stay in their bags until the end of the day

• Athletes are expected to be respectful to all coaches, dryland staff, Y staff and the facility itself. We are very lucky to have our camp at Seton this year and we need to treat it well. Athletes must be able to follow coach direction and stay with the group at all times.

Any questions please reach out to me at programmanager@yyckillarney.com or text 587-436-4654


Try Synchro (Half Day)


Cost: $150.00

Never tried Synchro, but always been interested.  Our half-day camp is ideal to come out and give our wonderful sport a try.

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Summer Camp 2.jpg


Cost: $300.00

Interested in trying our Artistic Swimming for a week?  Come give it a try and let us know what you think!  This is a great way to find out if this sports for you!

Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Summer Camp 4.jpg


Cost: $330.00

Already have some experience with Artistic Swimming?  Come out and get back into swimming shape for the coming season.

Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm

Summer Camp 5.jpg

11-12 & 13-15 PROVINCIAL

Cost: $380.00

Already have some experience with Artistic Swimming?  Come out and get back into swimming shape for the coming season.

Note: Those looking to try out for the 11-12 Pink team are required to attend one week of camp (your choice of weeks).

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Summer Camp 1.jpg


Cost: $450.00

Are you a seasoned Artistic Swimmer looking to join our National Program for the 2020-2021 season?  If so you will be required to attend both weeks of camp.

Time: 8:30am - 3:30pm



All camps include the option of before and after care for swimmers under 12 years of age.  Swimmers can be dropped off any time after 8:00am; those swimmers swimming the whole day can be picked up any-time between the end of the day and 4:30pm.