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Who is Leslie Sproule

You may read the NAG Updates, you might have seen her name on a group email, or tagged her in a picture on Instagram. There’s a very strong chance you have seen her banging a metal stick on a pool deck in Calgary; she may even be your coach, but do you know Leslie Sproule? We continue our series, “Profile on Coaching” with National Athlete Group (NAG) Stream Coordinator Leslie Sproule who has graciously taken the time to answer a few questions for this Wave of the Week.

WW: What is/are your current role/s with the club?

LS: I am the National Age Group Coordinator and 13-15 coach with Calgary Killarney.

WW: Do you have any other coaching roles outside the club? What other coaching experiences have you had?

LS: I am currently the Senior National Team Head Coach and Technical Director (2018). I have been coaching for 39 years; 14 years as a club head coach, 15 years as a National Team coach for Canada; have coached in 26 countries around the world and have coached in 3 Olympic Games (2 for Canada and 1 for Brazil).


WW: How many years did you swim synchro?

LS: I swam myself for 13 years and was a Canadian Junior duet champion, Canada Games double gold medalist and World Master Games champion in solo, duet, team, figures.

WW: That’s good, right? Just kidding. That is amazing!

WW: Do you still swim? What kind of fitness fits your life now?

LS: Currently I don’t swim much anymore but enjoy running, yoga, and overall fitness activities.

WW: How would you describe your coaching style?

LS: My coaching style is tough and demanding with high standards and expectations, but fair and collaborative.

WW: When you are coaching/training athletes, what are the things you are focussing on


LS: Our job as coaches is to facilitate the dreams of the athletes we work with. As coaches we strive to develop the whole athlete and teach/facilitate life skills that will take them well beyond their time with Calgary Killarney.

WW: What is some advice that you give to all your athletes?

LS: My advice to all athletes: Be your best every day. Dream big and enjoy the journey with all your Calgary Killarney friends. They will be your friends for life.

It is very clear that Leslie’s experience and coaching philosophies embody the Calgary Killarney spirit of achieving excellence in sport and life.

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